Greetings from the Grave

by Creepy Crowley & Ghoulish Kulish

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Greetings from the Grave was written and recorded in 2016 over the course of a few weeks, as the fleeting Minnesota summer descended into the darkness of the spookiest season of all. Ghoulish Kulish's longtime conceptual dream of a musical Halloween project was eagerly co-opted by Creepy Crowley, and collaboratively realized by the two of them. Have a listen if you're feeling brave...


released October 14, 2016

Written, arranged, recorded, dubbed, printed, and assembled by Ghoulish Kulish & Creepy Crowley

Photographs - Cameron Wittig

Words on "Cambridge State Hospital" (zine) - Creepy Crowley & Nick Crowley



all rights reserved


Creepy Crowley & Ghoulish Kulish Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Buried by Yr Side
Our love is a like a haunted lake
Never moving but always awake
Wind is blowing through the trees
But we never feel the touch of breeze

Whispering secrets in the dark
Of the howling wolf and black-eyed lark
I remember the wind in your hair
I remember, the way you looked on the stairs

They’ll bring flowers and cry
But we'll be buried side by side

We’re sleeping among the ghouls
But I’ve got your hand to hold
The night is long it never ends
We’ve got no more letters to send

We hear the witch’s piercing scream
And even though our bodies have long gone green
We remember bein’ alive
Didn’t that feel so nice

They’ll bring flowers, flowers and cry
And I'll be buried by yr side

Girl it’s another halloween
And here we are buried six feet deep
We might be under the ground
But that can’t stop this undead love that we’ve found
Track Name: Two Costumes
I know something you don’t know
I’ve got a fast one I’m gonna pull
You may not think it’s morally right
But I’m getting twice the candy tonight

No I ain’t robbing other kids
Like my older brother did

No I’ve got two costumes for tonight
I’m gonna go around the neighborhood twice
Knock knock knock knock, “hello, trick or treat?”
Those chumps will never recognize me
When I look different the second time around
Track Name: Night of the Undead Shamblers
It was the night of Halloween
Wallflowers crowdin’ the local scene
Dead-eyed girls with costume blues
And corndog boys with fake tattoos

All these folks just looking glum
A sour room, nobody having fun
Then someone recited the jukebox curse
And things went from bad to worse

Come forth
Come forth

Out came a crew that caused a fright
With their bright eyes shining in the eerie light
Everyone was shocked, in grave distress
It was Halloween night, who could have guessed

There was a sound from the depths of hell
Where it came from those kids couldn’t tell
There was smoke and sounds throughout the room
As Everyone danced to the cursed tune

Come forth
Come forth

Out came the creepers from the grave
Everybody dancing to the monster rave
Track Name: Thing on the Doorstep
You are the thing on the doorstep of my heart
You’re conjuring love with your dark arts

In my mind you’re sleeping on a bed of bones
From the cobbled streets I hear your siren drone

Out of the shroud, passing the gravestones
I’m waiting here for you
Track Name: Grim Belieber
Good evening, I don't believe we've met
I'm the one that some call death
I go out at night and I end the life
of those who haven't any time left

But it's not all grim and dark
For I am a connoisseur of the arts
In my free time I consume the rhymes
of the pop stars on top of the charts

You ask me if I like 1D
They're okay but it's really not for me
It may surprise you to hear that the old grim reaper
Is the worlds biggest fan...of Justin Bieber

Yes I've been in love with JB
Since the first time I heard "Baby"
But with all his screwing up I'm afraid the time has come
to dig Justin an early grave

You wonder why I've come to you, distressed
To get this heavy burden off my chest
Well after bieber's done, then I get to have some fun
For you, my friend, are NEXT
Track Name: Scary Movies with Karen
Karen it's the night before Halloween
Lets go drive down to the theater
where we can watch a scary movie

Karen I need you to hold me close
i'm so scare of all these ghosts
i don't know what to do i don't want to go

Karen I'm seeing things in the dark
as I ride in your car past the school
at the end of town down by the old park

Karen the leaves are blowing in the drive
as we walk back from the

dinner at your

parents' with your

brother in his

tiger costume
Track Name: Will-o'-the-Wisp
Hello from the ominous mire
I float o’er the bog like an indolent fire
Unearthly allhallowtide fairy
He who spies me finds me scary

Will-o’-the-wisp they call me
I’ll lead you astray from the path you’re walking
Follow the púca pixy-light
The moon is new and the air is wet tonight

I was a man not long ago
Just like you, all alone
And now I bait ye wayward souls
With my ghost light in the road

Watch your step, my boy
The blade you clutch may as well be a children’s toy
I cannot feel
And most of the town does not believe I’m real